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Autodesk Build Gets 20+ Product Updates, Features, and Enhancements

Learn about the latest releases for Autodesk Build

When we launched Autodesk Build earlier this year, we set out to give construction teams a powerful set of tools for seamless collaboration between field and office. Autodesk Build is now a centerpiece for managers on thousands of projects worldwide.

In the last few months, our team has been working hard to release over 20 new updates, features, and enhancements—all geared towards helping you better connect your teams, data and processes. So, whether you’re looking to ensure schedule detail is always visible no matter where you are, or need to make your RFI process a much smoother one, check out the latest Autodesk Build releases below.

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  • Highlighted Releases
    • Schedule Tool
  • Document Management Releases  
    • Custom Attributes enhancements *
    • Holding Area update
    • Hypermodel viewing and alignment
    • Search Reviews and Transmittals by name  
  • Cost Releases
    • Cost Management
      • Connection to locations **
      • Cost payment applications custom approval workflows **
  • Project Management Releases
    • Meetings | Microsoft Teams integration ***
    • RFIs
      • Email mechanism for project team members
      • Enhanced references ***
      • View and edit custom fields on mobile ***
      • Quick List action / Three dot menu
    • Submittals | View linked markups on mobile
  • Field Collaboration Releases
    • Photos | Locations **
    • Forms | Forms tab UI revamp on mobile
    • Templates | Adding Form templates from Account Library
  • Data and Intelligence Releases
    • Dashboards | Additional Partner cards
    • Data Connector
      • Forms data & Power BI template
      • Updates to Document Management and Assets Power BI templates *
  • Admin Releases
    • Administration
      • Limit project and template creation to Account Admins 
      • Product Display list in project Admin and Member pages
      • UI updates to Project List page
    • API | App Gallery

* = features on both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform and BIM 360
** = features in both Autodesk Build and BIM 360
*** = features in Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate and BIM 360



Highlighted Releases

Schedule Tool 

Autodesk Build’s Schedule Tool is now available for all Autodesk Build users! Schedules uploaded from Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, and ASTA Powerproject can be imported to a Build project and displayed in a Gantt chart or calendar view.  

Create custom views that display desired schedule items with the filter function, allowing users to look three weeks ahead or behind the current schedule. Share the schedule with field teams so they can comment on specific activities and link references to each activity item. References include photos, files, sheets, assets, and issues. Users can also integrate Schedule with Cost in Autodesk Build to improve budgeting and planning for schedule-related costs. 

Get all the details on the new Schedule Tool in this blog post [coming soon].



Document Management Releases

Document Management | Custom Attributes Enhancements * 

You now have better document control with custom attribute enhancements. For example, Custom Attributes with text fields now have character type and character limit constraints. In addition, Admins have the ability to edit custom attributes that already have data associated with them. 

Document Management | Holding Area update 

Previously, files in the Holding Area were split into batches based on upload group with a time/date stamp. The Holding Area will now show all files in a single list and will be sortable by columns so Admins can easily review, edit, and approve. 

Document Management | Hypermodel Viewing and Alignment 

Users will now get a better understanding, and visualization, of their 2D drawings and 3D Models with hypermodel viewing and alignment. Users can choose 2D drawings to position on top of a sectioned 3D model to align and seamlessly navigate between. 

Document Management | Search Review by Name 

You now have access to a new search bar at the top of the Reviews page. By inputting a keyword in the search bar, users will be able to search through all Review Names to quickly find the Review they’re looking for. 



Cost Releases

Cost Management | Connection to Locations ** 

Autodesk Build and BIM 360 Cost Management users can now connect a location to budget and change order items. This feature allows teams to see how much money is allocated to specific areas in the building, and have a location-based view of changes. This provides a powerful way to track patterns to mitigate risk and potential cost overruns. 

Cost Management | Cost Payment Applications Custom Approval Workflows **

Autodesk Build and BIM 360 Cost Management users can now utilize the decision-based workflow engine to create custom workflows to automate the internal review and approval process of cost payment applications. 



Project Management Releases

Meetings | Microsoft Teams Integration *** 

Autodesk Build and BIM Collaborate users will now be able to add a Microsoft Teams meeting link directly from the meeting. This helps to enable more collaboration between project teams as users can now choose between Zoom and a Microsoft Teams collaboration toolsets.

RFIs | Email mechanism for project team members

Coming early October. Project team members can now reply to RFIs directly from the email notification, without logging into the platform. If a team member has a ball-in-court, their response will be noted as the official response and the RFI will automatically move to the next step in the process. This increases collaboration, streamlines the process, and helps improve the response time for RFIs.  

RFIs | Enhanced References

Autodesk Build users can add additional references including submittals, forms, assets, and schedule items. When referencing RFIs in other tools, such as Issues, users will be able to search and filter across all RFIs, making it easy to connect workflows within Build. 

RFIs | Quick List Action / Three dot menu 

Autodesk Build users can now perform quick RFI actions from the RFI menu within the RFI log. These actions include: duplicate RFI, sending a reminder email to the RFI ball-in-court, and exporting the RFI.

RFIs | View and edit custom fields on mobile

Autodesk Build users can now view and edit custom fields, within RFIs, directly from their mobile devices. 

Submittals | View linked markups on mobile 

Autodesk Build users can now view linked submittals directly from markups on their iOS and Android advice. This ensures that all team members, especially those in the field, have access to important project documents. 



Field Collaboration Releases

Photos | Locations  

Users will have the ability to add a location to a photo. Linking jobsite photos to predefined project locations will help teams further standardize the way they collect and organize their data.

Forms | Forms Tab UI revamp on mobile

Coming soon. The Forms tab UI will be revamped to offer a more convenient experience to mobile users. With this improvement, finding and quickly editing form drafts becomes easier for the field team. The update includes a new “At a glance” view and searching and filtering options. 

Templates | Adding Form Templates from Account Library 

Account Admins will now see the ability to add a form template directly to a project template. This can be created within the account level library. This expands on the standardization capabilities ensuring that teams are always inputting the right data via the most up-to-date templates. 



Data & Intelligence Releases

Data Connector | Forms data & Power BI template

Dashboards | Additional Partner Cards 

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud Unified Platform and BIM 360 users will now see new partner cards for Google,  Airtable, Join.BUILG , Stevenson Systems, Embneusys, Field Control Analytics, Lambertsson, OpticVyu, ProgressCenter, ProNovos, Quickbase, Safe Site Check In, SignOnSite, StructShare, TopBuilder, and WakeCap.

Data Connector | Forms Data & Power BI Template

Coming early October. Autodesk Build users can now extract Forms data using the Data Connector as well as leverage a new Power BI Template. This will help improve visibility into how teams are using forms, an overview of the status of forms, and highlight any issues that need to be addressed. 

Data Connector | Updates to Document Management & Assets Power BI Templates ** 

There is now a new Document Management Power BI Template that includes formats for both csv and compatibility with the Power BI Connector tool. Additionally, there is a new Asset Power BI Template that is compatible with the Power BI Connector tool. These templates help teams start to create custom dashboards that align more to their company KPI’s while using easy out-of-the-box options.  


Admin Releases

Administration | Limit Project & Template Creation to Account Admins 

Autodesk Construction Cloud Unified Platform users can now limit the creation of new projects and new project templates to only Account Admins. This restriction creates more control, improves standardization, and ensures the unnecessary creation of duplicate projects or project templates. 

Administration | Product Display List in Project Admin & Members Pages

Project Admins will now only see the products they have purchased as options to assign to members. This will avoid potential confusion of which products or licenses are available to use. Additionally, Account Admins will have the option from this screen to purchase or add additional products. 

Administration | UI Updates to Project List Page

Users can now see additional links to other Autodesk Construction Cloud products in the top of the project list page. The addition of these links will help teams save time with the ability to easily access other Autodesk Construction Cloud products like BuildingConnected and TradeTapp.

API | App Gallery 

The App Gallery allows Account Admins to easily connect Autodesk Construction Cloud platform products with third-party apps such as augmented reality tools, jobsite cameras or scheduling applications. The App Gallery allows users to explore and discover a range of integration solutions that leverage the Forge open platform for seamless data flow. 

To see the full list of our latest updates across all Autodesk Construction Cloud, please check out this blog post.


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